Let's find a gift your dog will love.

Dogs definitely get into the Christmas spirit.

Christmas time is family time and dogs love to know that they're part of the family. Many dogs also love the excitement of the Christmas season. Not to mention the smells, tasty delights, visiting friends, and of course, presents! Christmas is the perfect time to reflect on our relationships and remember how much our loved ones mean to us. And our little friends are obviously our loved ones. Of course during the Christmas rush it's hard to slow down and think about how the Christmas experience must appear to our dogs, all the wonders, and whew, all the temptations. That's why we’ve put together some tips that will help you avoid any surprises and make Christmastime extra special for your furry little elf.

Hurtta Christmas Tips:

1. Use your gift-giving, and gift-protecting, instincts

Buy or make your dog an own Christmas gift 

Pretty presents with big bows and rustling gift wrap, wonderful scents, and the whole home bustling. A dog is bound to want to explore the Christmas tree and everything under it. Dogs obviously won't know which gifts have their name on them so if a present is on the floor it will be considered fair game. Talk about a kid in a candy store! Remember not to expect too much from your dog. And you know your dog best. If you have a feeling the gifts won't make it to Christmas morning, it may be best to keep them out of reach of your dog until the special moment.

2. The package is half the fun. Maybe more.

Dogs are often the most enthusiastic gift openers in the family. After all, it’s fun to rip, scratch, sniff, and wonder: what miracle is hidden here? Wrap a gift in noisy paper and it's as if you've given your dog two gifts. And don't feel like you have to impress your dog. Fancy colours and patterns won't mean much. Reusing gift wrap or wrapping the gift in simple kraft paper will be just fine. As long as you allow your dog to tear open the gift the way a kid would, all will be well. Don't forget to take some pics!

3. Treats are neat but toys will last longer

Like all of us, dogs love it when they open a gift that means something to them, especially treats or toys. A bone your dog can enjoy a while during the festivities will provide a lot of Christmas joy. You may not be able to hide what it is but you can definitely wrap a bone! Oh, and in most cases, if you let your dog open his or her gift first, everyone else may get to open their gifts in peace.

For some dogs, toys last longer than treats. You can also make toys from items that you already have in your home, like older clothes or fabric that can be turned into braided pull toys. They're quick and easy to make and they'll give you and your dog an opportunity to play together. For ideas and help with do-it-yourself toys, see Hurtta's recycling instructions. 

4. Dogs like soft and cozy gifts too

On a frosty day, nothing warms up a cold dog like a warm jacket. A protective warming layer will make it easier for your dog to stay outdoors with you longer in cold weather. And that's whether you're taking daily walks or going home to home singing Christmas carols. Plus, a durable, adjustable jacket will provide joy and comfort for years to come.

 The Extreme Warmer - Jacket

The Extreme Warmer is Hurtta's warmest jacket thanks to its foil lining that reflects your dog’s own body heat to generate warmth. It's soft, comfortable and it will not rustle or restrict the dog's natural movements.

The Extreme Overall is designed for particularly cold conditions and for dogs that freeze easily. The overall is also suitable for staying warm between workouts.

Or how about a soft and flexible fleece jacket? For dogs it's like crawling into your favorite pajamas. And just like with us, a fleece jacket is perfect indoors, outdoors, and as a warming layer under a jacket whenever Mr. Frost visits.

The flexible and comfortable Razzle-Dazzle Midlayer jacket has an adjustable back length, waist circumference and collar. That’s why it’s suitable for a wide variety of dogs and dog activities. It's also great as a first garment for a puppy.

The Midlayer Overall will keep your dog warm and protected in cooler temperatures. This is a great warming overall that you will want to keep nearby until warmer days arrive.

5. The tree doesn't get all the ornaments

Who doesn't love to receive a new jewelry at Christmas? Most dogs certainly do. Yes, we're talking about a new dog collar. A collar is nice because you can put it on your dog right after he or she opens the gift. Most dogs also won't mind when you and your holiday guests shower them with compliments over their new look. You can also decorate a collar with something that speaks to your dog's personality. Safety reflectors are a nice touch too. It's also a good idea to put additional reflectors on a dog's leash, harness, and coat for even more safety in the dark.

The Razzle-Dazzle collars

The Razzle-Dazzle collar is a dependable, padded, super-adjustable and stylish collar that grows with your dog as he or she grows. It features a removable reflector that can be placed wherever you need it the most. So handy!

You can also buy extra Razzle-Dazzle reflector figures to keep your family and furry friends visible and safe ❤️

 6. Comfort for chilly days

A must-have gift this Christmas is a warming harness. The Weekend Warrior Warming Harness ECO has a clever foil print lining that actively reflects your dog’s own body heat for additional heat. Comfort, control and coziness, what more could a dog and dog owner ask for?

This harness is perfect as an additional heat generator for dogs that freeze easily, especially short-haired, elderly and sick dogs.

Combine the harness with a delicious Christmassy red Adjustable rope ECO.

The Adjustable rope leash ECO comes with a comfortable padded grip that features a convenient secret pocket for storing dog poop bags.

 7. And to all dogs a good snuggle

When the evening festivities wind down and the fire grows dimmer, there's one more perfect idea for every gift giver. Great for adventures over hills or through snow. It's a reversible, water-resistant sleeping bag that goes wherever you go. The Outback Dreamer is its name, isn't that neat? It even has a foil lining that reflects body heat. It offers cottony-soft comfort on every expedition. Its shape even mimics a dog's natural sleeping position. For active and older dogs it makes an extra special gift. Because once tucked inside, soon off they will drift. There's even room for a pillow if that's what your dog likes. And what more could dogs ask for after long hikes?

The Outback Dreamer sleeping bag for dog's foil lining soothes tired muscles by reflecting your dog's body heat. Easy to pack and a great addition to any hike.

Hurtta wishes you and your dog a very merry Christmas!

A dog's wishlist for Christmas