Calling all adventure seekers!

The search for our Hurtta Adventurers 2022 team has now ended! 

Thank you for everyone who applied! We will start going through the applications shortly and we’ll be in touch to those who we would like to be part of our Hurtta Adventurer family this year. Stay tuned for next year’s search!


At Hurtta, we're dedicated to the comfort, health and happiness of all dogs. Our thoughtfully designed, responsibly manufactured dog apparel and gear encourages and inspires endless adventure and exploration. It’s all about helping dogs and their loving owners spend more quality time together outdoors. Were you and your dog born for the outdoors? If so, we want to welcome you into the Hurtta family and give you an opportunity to share your experiences and inspire other dog owners to begin their own outdoor adventures with their dogs! 

Are you and your dog our next Hurtta Adventurers?

As an Adventurer, you and your dog will have a unique opportunity to put our apparel and gear to the test outside in the elements during your real outdoor adventures. One of your tasks will be to review & rate our products to ensure that our products meet your needs and exceed our performance expectations. If you follow us and our adventurers, you know that we value good content creation skills and we love to share beautiful, compelling stories, photographs and videos of your dog (or dogs) making good use of our apparel and gear in the great outdoors. Our hope is that you will commit to providing us with at least 10 adventurous stories during your time as a Hurtta Adventurer.  


Authenticity matters.

Our goal is to connect with and inspire other dog owners so our wish is that you have an active social media presence. Hopefully that's your thing because ultimately we want you to be you!

Wow us!

Send us a short presentation of you and your dog (or dogs) enjoying the great outdoors. And please remember to tell us about the hobbies and pastime activities that you enjoy the most with your dogs. Also, don't forget to include your Instagram, Youtube or TikTok usernames in your application, and if you are active in Facebook, please help us by commenting and sharing with your friends about this invitation to become Hurtta's Adventurers!
Remember, we are keen to hear why you and your dog will be the perfect addition to our Hurtta Adventurers family.


Get outside and show us your Hurtta-inspired adventures!
(Our apparel and gear can't test itself.)