How you can help Ukraine

The tragic situation in Ukraine has touched us deeply. We want to be there for those in need and offer our help. We ourselves have made donation through Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund for the Ukrainians. 

How can you help? 

You can donate to various organizations that provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine. There are several fundraisers going on.

Aid organizations have informed that monetary donation is the most effective way to help Ukrainians at the moment.

Donations can be done e.g. through following organizations just to name a few: 


The UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Make a donation through UNHCR website. 



 Save the Children

Make a donation to Save the Children through their website. 

Save the Children


 Doctors without Borders

Make a donation to Doctors without Borders through their website. 

Doctors without Borders


International Committee of Red Cross 

Make a donation to International Committee of Red Cross through their website. 

Donate to ICRC


Four Paws International

Make a donation to Four Paws through their website.