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How to find the right size 


1) Click open the size chart of the product that you are interested in, either from the product page or search for it below.

2) When your dog is standing up, take the dog’s measurements based on the description in each size chart (e.g. back length, neckline, chest).

3) Compare the taken measurements with the information in the measurement chart. The back length measurement determines the size of jackets and overalls. For harnesses, the most important measurement is the chest circumference.

4) For overalls, if your dog’s measurements falls in between sizes, a smaller size might fit better. For jackets, you should choose a larger size if the back length of the product can be adjusted. You can find more information about adjustment possibilities on the product page under "Key Features".

5) If your dog is very slim a smaller size might fit betteror if they are muscular a larger jacket might fit better than the recommendation given in the measurement table.

Please note that the sizes are only recommendations, and the best fit can only be found by trying the product on your dog.


Hurtta dog apparel and gear is designed to help dogs stay comfortable and protected in any weather. And that includes all dogs thanks to Hurtta’s proprietary sizing system which is based on the measurement data of more than 4,000 dogs across hundreds of breeds. Big or small. Short hair or long. Active or not so much. Hurtta can help you find a comfortable fit for your furry friend.

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