Enjoy the outdoors longer.

Even when the days grow shorter.


Dog owners and their dogs venture outdoors every day of the year, in any weather, and in any light – or no light at all. As summer fades away, so too do its long and bright mornings and evenings. Autumn’s beauty brings with it rapidly darkening evenings and a reminder for dog owners to think twice about what it takes to stay visible and safe until longer days return once again.


Stay bright in any light


Daily routines become second nature for dog owners. Our dogs need to go out, so we go out, often not thinking about how much light there is outside. And if we’re not thinking about how much light there is outside, we’re most likely not thinking about brightly colored outdoor clothing, reflectors, and headlights – the very things that keep us and our dogs safe in low-light conditions. The same can be said for other pedestrians, bikers, and motorists, who all need to be able to see us whenever we are outside with our dogs. And if your dog has dark hair or if weather such as rain and fog become part of the equation, visibility and safety become particularly challenging. Dogs outfitted with reflective apparel and add-on reflectors are up to 30% more visible in a car’s headlights than without, which helps everyone on the road travel more safely.

There are a wide variety of safety-enhancing products that can improve a dog’s visibility in the dark. The busier and darker it is outside, the more you will need to increase your and your dog’s visibility. High-visibility products not only contribute to your overall safety, they also make you feel more protected. When your dog wears a product that can be seen easily, you enhance your sense of security which in turn makes walking, jogging, and any time spent outdoors with your dog more relaxed and enjoyable.

When outdoors in a well-lit area with little traffic, a good option is to choose a neon-coloured harness or leash and high-quality reflectors. Materials incorporated into products like reflective stitching and trim or piping offer protection that you don’t have to think much about. But even add-on reflectors only take seconds to put on to your dog’s leash, collar, harness, or apparel.

A harness with large reflective prints on the chest and back area can also ensure your dog’s visibility. When the harness padding is thick and wide enough, a long-haired dog’s coat will most likely not interfere with a harness's ability to reflect light. In thoughtfully designed products, reflective features are often built-in. Reflective neck and chest straps will also increase the dog’s visibility at the chest and flank area, plus you can adjust the harness easily to give your dog a snug fit.



Weekend Warrior Harness, Collar and Leash


The Weekend Warrior Harness and Collar in either neon yellow and orange are smart choices for early morning and late evening walks. Both feature bright 3M® reflective stitching, prints and piping with an impressive luminous intensity of 450 cd (lx / m2).

Weekend Warrior Leash Sturdy, comfortable and smart, the entire length of the Weekend Warrior Leash is made of luminous 3M® wear-resistant nylon for outstanding visibility in the dark.



Razzle-Dazzle Reflective Figures Set


Fun, attachable reflective figure accessories that let you maximise your visibility wherever you need it most.


As dog owners we have to be ready to walk our dogs at all times of the day and night. When you live in a highly populated area that has a lot of traffic or poor lighting, it can be a challenge to stay safe near roadways. Luckily there is more than one way to make sure you will be seen by other pedestrians and motorists.

A vest is great because it covers more of your dog’s body than a harness, thus enhancing your dog's visibility that much more. Vests are light and comfortable too, which means no chance of overheating in most instances, and they can be easily adjusted to fit your dog well.

A vest can even provide some protection from wind and rain. Look for one that has reflective sections or prints on both sides and other reflective features like stitching and piping so that your dog can be seen from all directions. And if need be, you can add to your vest’s safety by choosing bright, attention-grabbing colors, add-on reflectors, and even a leash with reflective qualities.

Attachable lights can help or may even be necessary too, especially in foggy weather in high-traffic areas. Safety lights usually have a choice of either a steady or blinking light sequence that can get the attention of distracted motorists, and many have specially shaped lenses and the latest LED technology that can be seen up to three kilometers away.

Remember that you and your dog’s safety depends on you staying alert whenever you are outside in low-light conditions. But between apparel with large reflective surfaces or prints, bright colours, and lights, you should have all the protection you need to safely navigate urban areas in almost any light and weather.


Ranger Vest


Ranger Vest


The Ranger Vest is a light and highly visible safety vest that provides excellent coverage with stylish reflective prints and 3M® reflective piping for safer travels in dimly lit areas.


Polar Led Light


Polar LED Light


Featuring the latest LED technology, the Polar LED Light is a high-quality, high-visibility light that provides extra protection wherever you need it. Plus it’s designed to attach easily to many Hurtta products.


On bigger adventures or when you and your dog are hiking or navigating challenging terrain, or when your dog is running freely or working outdoors, it is worth considering a good safety vest for your dog. The vest will greatly improve the dog's visibility in the dark and protect the dog's chest area, for example in woody areas that have a lot of stones, sharp branches, or brush. A thick vest made of durable Cordura fabric will help protect the dog's chest from scratches and even potential injury. If your dog is able to run long distances safely, you can easily attach a GPS tracker to a vest that has a high collar. An LED light can also be attached for extra protection at night or early morning to alert others of your dog’s presence at all times.


Featuring a high, protective collar, 50% body coverage, and a tough,weatherproof Houndtex outer layer, the Worker Vest provides excellent visibility and protection for hunting dogs and virtually every other outdoor activity where safety is a requirement.


tips for being seen in the dark 

Hurtta wishes you many fun and safe outdoor adventures in the dark!


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